An Atlanta man isn't too happy about the way an officer reacted to his Romney/Ryan campaign sticker on his car. The man admits he was illegally parked, but wants an apology for what was said. According to FOX:

"I overheard her say that, when she saw the sticker on the back of my car, the Mitt Romney sticker, ‘Oh, I'm definitely going to give you a ticket now,'" he said.

Georgia Republican Party Chairman Sue Everhart said she was surprised to hear of the incident.

"I am just amazed that this happened in this city, and I know this is not what Mayor Reed would like to see his employees do. It reflects on the whole city," said Everhart.

The motorist said that he'll pay the ticket, but thinks that he's due an apology.

"It sounded like she was almost insulted by the fact that I had a Mitt Romney sticker on the back of my car," he said.

The Mayor's office hasn't commented on the story yet. You've got to wonder how often this happens with campaign bumper stickers. Have you ever had to deal with something like this because of who you supported for office?