Texas Governor Rick Perry has announced new appointments to the Council on Autism and Developmental Disorders.

The council is responsible for making recommendations to the Texas Legislature and various state agencies to ensure the needs of individuals with autism and other developmental disorders are understood and addressed appropriately.

The three appointees are Ann Hart of Austin, Pam Rollins of Dallas and Stephanie Sokolosky of Harlingen.

Ann Hart is president of the Autism Society of Greater Austin and received a bachelor’s degree from Brown University.

Pam Rollins is a licensed speech pathologist and associate professor at the University of Texas at Dallas Callier Center for Communication Disorders. She is also a board member of The Mussar Institute. Rollins received a master's degree in communication disorders from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Doctorate of Education in psychology from Harvard University. The Friday, August 22, announcement reappointed Rollins to the council.

Stephanie Sokolosky of Harlingen is a board certified behavior analyst and founder of S&S Behavioral Consultants. She received a master's degree in art therapy and creativity development from the Pratt Institute and a Doctorate of Special Education from Texas Tech University. Sokolosky has also been reappointed to the council.

The terms of the appointees are set to expire on February 1, 2016.