To sue Texas Tech, Mike Leach must get permission from the legislature. On Lubbock’s First News on KFYO, State Rep. Charles Perry (R- Dist. 83) was asked if Leach should be allowed to sue Texas Tech.

“No I don’t,” Perry told KFYO.  “I don’t think it has much chance in the House getting through the committee, or if it gets to the floor, it won’t have much chance.  Those deals come up periodically through the course of a session.  But at the end of the day, I don’t support being able to sue the state government.”

State Rep. Craig Eiland of Galveston (D- Dist. 23) has introduced a resolution that would allow Leach to sue the state, if the legislature agrees, but Perry questioned Eiland’s motives.

“You know, Eiland actually sits in front of me. He’s almost my deskmate. He’s right directly in front of me, smart guy, sharp guy, he’s a trial lawyer,” Perry said. “Only thing I can think of…it must be financial.  He may have a deep passionate desire that everybody gets their day in court, but at the end of the day, I’m sure it was financially motivated.”


Click on this link to listen to all of this morning's interview with Representative Perry.  The Mike Leach issue is discussed at about the 2:00 mark.