Tonight, at Midtown Printing in Lubbock, fiscal watchdog group Empower Texans presented District 84 State Representative John Frullo (R- Lubbock) with the Empower Texans 2011 Taxpayers' Advocate Award.

Andrew Kerr, Executive Director of Empower Texans, said, "Rep. Frullo is a strong advocate for Texas taxpayers and he is exactly what is needed in Austin. Especially now. Especially going into the next (legislative) session."

Empower Texans' Taxpayer Advocate Award is based on Texans for Fiscal Responsibility ratings for Texas legislators during the most recent legislative session.

Kerr continued, "It's timely that we're in a small business and Rep. Frullo is a small business owner.  Because that's the type of leadership we need in Austin. We need people that understand how small businesses work.

"What it means in the tax climate and the expenditure climate, what we can do to support small businesses and encourage people to employ people and create jobs in the state of Texas."

After receiving the award, Rep. Frullo said, "It's an honor and a privilege to receive this award. I think it's important, and you're absolutely right, small business is what drives Texas' economy.  We're the fastest growing (state), we've created more jobs and it's because we have a great business environment. A great regulatory environment, and with that we're prospering. I look forward to continuing to make sure that we promote business, small business, and employ people."

Rep. Frullo was elected to the District 84 seat in 2010.