Monday on Lubbock's First News, Congressman Randy Neugebauer discussed hours in the work week, presidential executive orders, the Congressional art contest, and Ukraine.

Neugebauer talked briefly about the cut of allowed hours for the work week of part-time employees from 40 to 30 by the Affordable Care Act. He suggested this cut by companies was a result of preparing for employees who may sign up for Affordable Care Act. He said that the House determined full time hours as 40 per week. He observed that the legislation and other actions coming from the administration are "creating a lot of uncertainty for businesses all across the country... That's one of the reasons we passed this bill was to bring some certainty to that process."

Neugebauer also responded to a caller questions regarding the President's use of executive orders. He noted that many are upset with some of the decisions that have been made by picking some parts of the law and ignoring others. He recalled that the House recently passed a piece of legislation that would give its members standing in court to challenge the decision of the president.

The Congressman gave details on the upcoming Congressional Art Competition. The contest is for high school students who submit art to be hung in the capital building. The deadline for submissions is April 21.

Finally, Neugebauer discussed Putin's reaction to sanctions and rhetoric from the U.S. He believes Putin will take advantage of weak links in sanctions, though he believes sanctions are more effective than rhetoric. Regarding the potential cuts to defense, Neugebauer noted that congressional members must be cautious while attempting to decrease the budget deficit. He said he believes that Russia feels invulnerable, in part due to the current appearance of the U.S. defense system.

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