Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) isn't exactly a darling of Beltway Republicans, collectivists on the Left, and those who oppose Aqua Buddha. I am a great fan of much of Ayn Rand's writings and her radical individualism has influenced millions. During a committee hearing on energy, Paul rips the collectivists.

In the video above, Paul brings up a great point from Ayn Rand's novel Anthem about Equality 72521 being brought down by the collective elders to achieve and evolve with his God-given intelligence. Much like the book, the establishment looks to crush innovation by the individual and ironically the elders in the book and political elites of our day want to get rid of the incandescent light bulb.

Our culture is constantly in battle for those who strive for individualism and individual achievement  against those who cannot look at achievers without wanting to steal the fruits of their labor. Ignore the double speak of the socialist elites and see the truth in what is being forced on you.

Also, catch this clip taken from the soon to be released movie Atlas Shrugged.