Today is Valentine's Day, a day you normally associate with candy, chocolates and flowers. But this year, gun owners and supporters of "conceal and carry" have something else to celebrate.

Pro-gun advocates are declaring today National Starbucks Appreciation Day in support of the coffee retailer's stance on conceal and carry weapons. Two years ago, Starbucks unintentionally became the center of dispute for gun control advocates wanting all Starbucks to be "gun free," after a group of open carry supporters met at one of the stores. Starbucks refused by saying that they would comply with the open carry laws in the states they're located in, and that the policies concerning gun control "belong in the legislatures and courts, not in our stores."

In response to Starbucks' decision, the National Gun Victim's Action Council (NGVAC) is calling for a boycott of Starbucks today. Meanwhile, gun owners everywhere are encouraged to go to Starbucks today and buy some coffee to show their support for the company's decision.

I'm supporting Starbucks' decision as well. If people want to carry weapons with a permit, I say let them. They've obviously earned the right to carry it around with them. Good job to Starbucks for allowing conceal and carry and not letting some whiny complainers tell them how to run their business.