Debt negotiations are heating up and it seems as though the President and the Republicans are deadlocked. On Monday's show we discussed the debt talks and our belief that a deal won't get done until the final hours. The big question is, who will blink first? The President or the Speaker?

Obama wants taxes raised and says that if the GOP doesn't budge than a deal won't get done. Speaker Boehner is quoted by Politico as saying;

“Our disagreements are not personal, they never have been,” Boehner told reporters on Monday afternoon. “The gulf between the two parties now is about policy. It’s not about process, it’s not about personalities.”

Boehner added: “The president and I do not agree on his view that the government needs more revenues through taxes on job creators. The president and I also disagree on the extent of the entitlement problem and what is necessary in order to solve it.”

Boehner insisted that “the House cannot pass a bill that raise taxes on job creators. The House can only pass a debt-limit with spending cuts larger than a hike in the debt limit, as well as real restraints on future spending.”

Who do you think will compromise? Who blinks first?