’s Big 12 reporter Jake Trotter recently went 1-on-1 with Pat Mahomes to get some insight on the 2016 Texas Tech football season. After discussing all of the Xs and Os for the upcoming football season, Trotter got down to the nitty-gritty, grilling Mahomes with a searing final question: What is your favorite local place to eat in Lubbock?

To get to the answer, we must first understand the question. Trotter was careful to phrase the question with a single keyword drawing all the attention: Local. He didn't just ask about where he likes to get his fill up; he asks who makes Lubbock proud, serving delicious dishes to the mass of Red Raiders on a daily basis.

Who has a signature dish everyone in Lubbock can recognize?

You can take Torchy's back to Austin and shove Chipotle back up whatever e.coli breeding ground it came from.

Lubbock has always had great local restaurants, and there is a movement lately turning away from the chains and back to the South Plains. So Mahomes' answer did not disappoint. He understood the position he was put in and delivered a classic local spot right across from The Jones. A cornerstone of the culinary community in Lubbock that has been serving signature dishes for as long as I can remember.

"It would have to be Spanky's," Mahomes told Trotter.

"I can't eat the fried food a lot," Mahomes clarified, "but it's definitely good. The cheese sticks they have are pretty legendary.”

Yes, they are Pat, yes they are. To clarify: It's "world-famous fried cheese." It's so much more than a mere cheese stick.

Now if you'll excuse me. I'm going to go eat a He-Man Woman Hater and some fried cheese now.


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