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Patrick Mahomes Gets Special NFL Honor In Week One
In what could be the first of many throughout an illustrious career Patrick Mahomes was named AFC Offensive Player of the Week, announced via the @NFL on Twitter:
The Kansas City Cannon was 15-of-27 for 256 yards and four touchdowns in the win, posting an AFC-best 127...
Where is every Red Raider in the NFL in 2018?
There are Red Raiders all over the NFL with every AFC division featuring Red Raiders in prominent roles. Patrick Mahomes, Danny Amendola and Michael Crabtree aren't the only Red Raiders in the NFL though. With that in mind, and all the shake ups for the Red Raiders in the NFL after the fin…
NFL Network Host Loses It After Patrick Mahomes’ TD Bomb
First of all, the Patrick Mahomes Hype Train hit a bit of a snag last week after an underwhelming debut in week one of the NFL preseason, but it's back in full force after a majestic touchdown from over the weekend.
Here's the touchdown everyone is talking about:
That ball was…

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