The owner of the E6 Cattle Company in Hart, Texas has been sentenced after allowing workers to abuse sick and injured livestock. Kirt Espenson must pay $4,000 in fines and serve one year probation for the Class A misdemeanor charge.

The actions of Espenson and workers at the E6 Cattle Company were brought to the public eye after a secret investigation conducted by animal rights group Mercy for Animals yielded video of calves being bludgeoned with claw hammers and pickaxes. The employees shown in the video were fired shortly after an official investigation began. The five men faced felony animal abuse charges, however they are believed to have fled the country.

In an exclusive interview with KFYO News, the Mercy for Animals Director of Investigations Daniel Hauff told us Espenson never provided workers with proper euthanasia training or equipment, and was caught on video authorizing the use of blunt objects to kill the sick and injured calves. You can listen to parts of that interview below.

You can view the Mercy for Animals video gathered at the E6 Cattle Company here. Be warned, however, that the footage is graphic.