Seven people from a West Texas cattle company have now been charged with cruelty to animals after an animal welfare video released last month showed workers bashing in the skulls of calves with pickaxes and hammers. A Castro County District Attorney worker confirmed warrants are out for seven employees of the E6 cattle company: the owner Kirt Espenson, the farm’s Forman Aurturo Olmos, and five former workers.

The animal welfare group Mercy for Animals shot video over several weeks in April of the five workers bludgeoning sick calves with blunt tools and leaving them in small, filthy pens to die. Their website announced the charges this week. The five workers face state jail felony charges of animal cruelty, while Espenson and Olmos face class A misdemeanor charges.

Below is the undercover footage shot by Mercy for Animals. Be warned, this video contains material that could be disturbing.