From technical stand-point, the only film in recent memory that surpasses Inception is Avatar. The difference is Inception avoided using green screen at all costs, while Avatar was shot exclusively in front of a green screen. Inception used amazing set design and camerawork to achieve some of the most mind-bending and awe inspiring cinematography of any film.

The story of Inception is very interesting and original, something I tend to appreciate, but at the same time the film seemed overly complex. To the point of challenging the viewer to fully understand and keep up with the story. Some will enjoy the challenge, others will get a head ache and want a refund.

The acting was great from veteran Leonardo DiCaprio, the rapid up and comer Ellen Page and the re-surging Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And of course, the director, Christopher Nolan did the amazing job we’ve come to expect from him. The visuals were stunning and amazed the audience throughout the entire film, and kept the audience always interested and engaged.

Rating: 8.5 Cunniff's out of 10

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