When it originally came out that the IRS was targeting conservative groups for extra scrutiny there were some that praised the behavior.

While the Occupy movement had to set up rape tents and caused millions and damage and hundreds of arrests it was labeled peaceful while the Tea Party, with none of those occurrences, was labeled violent.

Anyone with sense would be able to see what a slippery slope such double standards create, especially as more of incidents occur.

In Washington DC this weekend vandals forcibly turned a 850 pound monument of the ten commandments in the yard of a Christian Outreach Ministry. The vandals had to forcibly bend the re-bar reinforcements of the monument almost 90 degrees and they placed a “for rent” sign next to it.

Also, in California, a statue to Ronald Reagan outside a park was torched.

The side that preaches of its tolerance seems to be the ones doing the most to stamp out anyone who disagrees with them, but I don’t look only to the vandals for these acts of actual hate.

And in my opinion these acts go beyond normal vandalism and border on terrorism.

I only see one step more from torching statues to torching people, and destroying monuments strikes me as very similar to the Muslim terrorists groups desecrating the graves and monuments of other religions.

The left has been promoting an environment of double standards where they justify their own acts of hate and intolerance by claiming any dissent from their point of view is bigoted and deserving of such.

My point, however, is not to point out the obvious, it is to put into stark relief the slippery slope that is excusing one’s own demons by projecting its evils on its victims.

We have already seen how discourse has ground to a standstill from the rampant intolerance from the left, we on the right need to take note of this.

I have heard from several conservatives I know that perhaps we need to start returning the favors in kind.

There will be no arguing with their tactics if we fall into the same trap, we must maintain our standards.

If we start committing the same acts of hate on the left that they have been committing on us, I expect their retaliation will be that much worse.

We don’t need the violence of the Middle East here at home.

Andrew Montalvo is a KFYO Talkshow Producer.  Let him know what you think in the comments below.