Apparently Obama’s red line isn't his at all.

We all, as in every person on the planet said that.

I guess he was speaking for he when he said “You didn't build that, somebody else made that happen” while talking about small business owners.

It was painfully obvious that when the president decided to ask the congress for approval to bomb Syria he was setting the stage to let someone else take the fall.

It’s become all too common for this president, to take credit for successes, even when he did not deserve it, and blame others (especially republicans) for every failure of the policies of his administration and his party.

The Democrats have been using the blame game for years, but Obama has taken it to a whole new level in which only the most steadfast head-in-the-sand Marxists can still stand behind.

It’s become so painfully obvious that the foreign policy has become nothing more than badly-played political chess I feel shame for all those still in the service that have been reduced to nothing but pawns for propaganda.

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