Texas Governor Rick Perry seems to have no intention of adding any new issues to his special session call.

After all the talk of gun rights by the Republicans and equal rights by the Democrats yet again we see that they don’t have any intention of practicing what they preach.

The overwhelming majority of public mass shootings have occurred in gun-free zones.

That’s right, when you put up a sign that says “soft target” those that want to commit evil go there first.

Once again our leaders who carry at work and have armed security  tell us young people that we just best sharpen our Dungeons and Dragons skills, because aside from ladies soiling themselves (an actual word of advice from a Democrat) all we will have to defend ourselves from a Virginia Tech is Hope and Fairy Dust.

Once again young people are told by the older generations that we are second class citizens.

And the older generations wonder why we in our 20s are so rebellious and seeking of an alternative.

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