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USA Today has reported that marriage rates have fallen to a historic low after a 40 year decline.

This really shouldn't surprise anyone with what we see every day in the media and the news.

What it really boils down to, though, is not MTV nor is it welfare; it’s about the deterioration of values.

Even if you don’t believe in a God, the great thing about religion is that there is a right and a wrong; there is a power greater than any other that dictates morality.

With the removal of God from most aspects of society the Atheists have ushered in a culture of relativism.

I reference this in the vein of Cultural Relativism, which is the belief that no culture is superior to another regardless of their beliefs.

Middle Eastern cultures do not allow women rights? African cultures mutilating the genitals of young girls? Asian cultures utilizing child labor to an abusive degree? To the Cultural Relativist none of this is wrong just different, and in need of being accepted by hateful western cultures.

Without a God there is no right and wrong, and philosophers (and after taking philosophy I call them word-smiths) can wrap knots in any idea through language and remove all sense from a debate.

Most people would agree with utilitarianism, which is a school of philosophical thought that says when making a moral decision you should do what benefits the larger number of people.

Sounds good, except that it justifies the holocaust and slavery.

Without values that cannot be challenged, they eventually fall to expediency and silver tongues.

Without values that cannot be challenged, anything can be a value and therefore nothing is a value.

Without values generations are lost to pseudo-intellectualism and collectivism, where they trade the traditional establishments that require self-reliance for the teats of dependence.

Without values the purpose of marriage is lost and the pride in the traditional roles are thrust aside.

Without values our most sacred relationships mean nothing.

Without values great nations decline and fall.

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