We all know that over the years the liberals and their media cohorts used the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as a bludgeon against former President George W. Bush.

They fell back on the tactics they used against Nixon during the Vietnam War.

Daily, constant reminders of every horror of war and death count they could find.To the point that now most in my generation don’t even know Nixon didn't start that war.

They used the same tactic to turn former President Bush into a monster.

And then Obama was elected and miraculously those reports disappeared.

I don’t remember the last time I saw a death toll report on the news. I mean report, like they did for Bush, not footnote mentions every blue moon.

I would imagine most believe that Obama brought stability and closure to those conflicts.

Media bias has never been so ugly.

CNS News reported that 73% of all Afghan War deaths have occurred under the current president.


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