We know things are tough in our economy right now, but who do we blame for our financial misfortunes? Naturally, we blame the guy at the top. But who does the guy at the top blame? Well, if they're anything like Obama, he blames the guy who came before him.

According to a recent Gallup poll, 8 out of 10 Americans say we are still in a recession, and most of those polled believe that things haven't improved, or will get even worse. But even more interesting is who they blame for the downturn. While an increasing number of people are blaming President Barack Obama for the bad economy, many people still say former president George W. Bush is to blame, including Obama himself:

"The blame-it-on-my-predecessor line is of decreasing help to an incumbent," says political scientist William Mayer of Northeastern University. "It was perfectly fine when he took office, and even reasonable a year or two in, but eventually, increasingly, it becomes Obama's economy. It won't surprise me if by the time you get to the 2012 election Obama has overtaken Bush in that regard."

OK, so maybe things weren't all that great when Obama took office, but he certainly has not helped matters. As a matter of fact, things have gotten even worse while he's been in office. Obama needs to stop blaming Bush and start taking some responsibility for this mess he helped cause.