I was wrong and in this case, I'm okay with that.

Congressman Randy Neugebauer split with the GOP "leadership" and voted against H.R. 1473 yesterday because it didn't cut enough from the budget. I applaud Neugebauer for his vote and for listening to the people he represents.

I know there was a lot of presser from the Speaker and others in the Republican party to vote for this bill and to show that the Republicans are united. But, how can the GOP be united when so many are still going against the will of the people?

On Monday's show, Neugebauer took some heat from the listeners and from Rex and I. We wanted the congressman to stand up and say that this bill wasn't good enough, and when it mattered most, he did. There will be some that criticize the 59 or so Republicans in the House who voted against this bill, but I say good job and thank you.

In case you were wondering. Both Senators from Texas voted FOR the bill. Shame.