More information in yesterday’s hostage situation has been released.

Authorities say 61-year-old Tommy Beadles had a fake gun with him when he took a hostage at the City Bank at 82nd and Quaker Avenue yesterday afternoon. The officer who convinced Beadles to release the hostages and surrender has been identified as Kody Nesbitt, a K-9 officer with the LPD. Hostage Jessica Pringle called Nesbitt when she was taken hostage and asked him to help her.

Nesbitt instructed Pringle to give the phone to Beadles, and stayed on the phone with him as he drove to the scene. Upon his arrival, negotiators guided him through a two hour long conversation with Beadles, which ended with the man peacefully turning himself over to officers.

Beadles' wife says her husband has untreated Bipolar disorder. He’s been charged with one count of first-degree kidnapping.