Councilman Todd Klein will be proposing new rules for payday lenders at Thursday's city council meeting. According to reports from KCBD, Klein wants to form a task force to develop a payday lender reform plan and to present it to state officials.

According to KCBD's report Klein said that because he is a Councilman, "he feels like it is his responsibility to help people make the best choices about their finances". This is a very telling and dangerous thing to say. It's something I'm sure that many who read the story glossed over, but they shouldn't.

There are many politico's like Klein who believe it is their job to look out for what they believe is right for you. It's not and we should be appalled that an elected official, whether they be a city councilman, Mayor, Governor, or President. Sadly too many citizens are just fine with elected officials having a say in their personal life.

Todd Klein has no responsibility as an elected official over how people spend their money. Just like Michael Bloomberg never should have had a say in what size coke people order. We have enough of these big-government, regulation fanatics who believe their life mission is to tell you how to live. They can tell you how to live because we have allowed them to believe that we can not think for ourselves.

Citizens have to take responsibility for themselves and in turn elect people who understand what their job is. The direction we are headed though both of those actions seem to be an uphill battle. It can be done though. It just takes informed citizens showing up to vote.