An activist group is out there calling for McDonald's to stop using Ronald McDonald. Why? Because the clown and McDonald's hook kids into eating fast foot and they end up fat. The CEO of McDonald's recently came out and defended his business as well he should.

What activists groups like Corporate Accountability International don't understand is that it's not McDonald's fault. Last time I checked employees don't kidnap people at gun point and force them to eat McDonald's. Kids don't buy McDonald's, parents do. So, who should we blame for kids becoming fat? Yup, sorry parents this one is kind of on you.

I know, you can only do so much and it's not like the schools are helping, but parents don't have to buy their kids happy meals. They don't have to take the kid to McDonald's at all. It's about making personal choices that affect others. The groups out there that are blaming McDonald's are the same people who don't think you should take personal responsibility for your own decisions. I have brought it up so many times on the show, personal responsibility matters. Blaming others because you or your kid is fat doesn't make sense. No one forced either of you to eat there. You chose to do so, and now you will suffer the consequences.

If you don't want your kids to be obese, take charge and do something about it. Stop blaming others because of your decisions.