In Sunday's AJ an article appeared that broke down the LP&L bill and discussed the so-called hidden fees and taxes. In the article it was reported that Mayor Glen Robertson wanted to decrease the storm water fee and make up the money by increasing property taxes. On Sunday the AJ reported this:

Robertson said he advocates lowering the storm water fee by shifting street expenses from the storm water fee and covering the difference with an increase in property tax.

However, yesterday the Mayor posted this response on his Facebook page:

There is a lot of confusion as a result of an article written by the AJ on utility rates and taxes. The reporter took some quotes made during the campaign out of context and made it seem as though I support a tax increase. I was not contacted by the reporter for this story and his information is not correct. I have been told that talk radio has picked up on the story as well and they also are reporting this mis-information without checking their sources. I am not in favor of a tax increase and will not support an increase in the taxes hidden in your utility bill. I am still opposing a rate increase for LPL and trying to get a decrease on the base water fee.

We did talk about this on LFN yesterday, but the story was never reported by KFYO. Only the AJ reported that the Mayor wanted to raise taxes.

I do appreciate his comment and that he took to Facebook to clarify the story. We will visit with Mayor Glen Robertson on Friday morning at 7am.