On the Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson talked with Chad Hasty about the latest goings on in the Lubbock city council.

Gail Kring, the chairman of the Lubbock electric utility board, spoke at a meeting on Tuesday about the alleged violence against an LP&L employee. The employee was reportedly shot at with a BB gun, and there was also evidence of what some believe to be a Molotov cocktail at the scene. In his comments, Kring said he believes the "negative rhetoric" against LP&L spread by the media contributed to the attack.

Robertson said that, as a board member himself, he understood Kring's frustration and that he thinks Kring was just trying to help. However, he said Kring's comments did the exact opposite, and instead of helping the situation, he instead reignited the flames just as things were starting to cool down.

"It's been a tough summer to be LP&L and to be on that board. And I am a board member, so I understand his frustration. I thought it was very counter-productive. One of the things he was stating was that we need to put this behind us and work together and go forward, and I think we all agree on that. But the thing that shocked me is everything was really calming down...and then at the end of probably one of the best meetings we've had in a year, he dropped his bombshell and I think poured gasoline on a fire that was almost completely extinguished.

Robertson also discussed the 2013-2014 city budget, which was approved at the last city council meeting. He said that most of the feedback he's heard about the budget has been negative, and rightfully so. He explained that, in his opinion, there were many places in the budget the council could have cut spending without having to resort to a tax rate increase. He also said the council did a poor job of overseeing both LP&L and LEDA's budget, but aside from those objections, he did think it was a good budget.

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