Friday on Lubbock's First News, Mayor Glen Robertson recapped the latest Lubbock City Council meeting items, including the construction of a truck stop and an extension of the ban on synthetic marijuana. He also discussed his response to an accusatory letter.

Many residents near the Preston Smith International Airport are upset by the City Council's decision to approve a zoning change that would allow a Love's travel stop to begin construction at southwest I-27. Robertson observed about a half and half split of support and opposition of its construction. He said his reason for voting against the approval is that residents, when purchasing their homes in that area, expected to live within a residential only zone. However, he does welcome Love's to the city.

Another item on the City Council agenda was extending the list of banned compounds that could be used in synthetic marijuana. Robertson voted against the additional ban because he does not believe this is an effective way of eradicating the drug. However, he noted that Councilwoman Karen Gibson suggested she and the police force were close to coming up with a more effective solution that could actually be enforced by Lubbock police . Robertson said, "I don't want a feel good ordinance that makes us feel like we are doing something. I want something that's effective and when it's violated, we can go after these people."

Robertson also briefly talked about the discussion around approaching payday lenders as possible predatory lenders. The issue was postponed for further discussion until the next City Council meeting. Finally, he touched on the Council's decision not to introduce a new position for training employees; the issue will be brought up again, next time by the City Manager, during the budget session.

In addition to covering the City Council meeting agenda, Robertson qualified his response to a letter from the Chinese TTU Faculty and Staff Association accusing him of making racist remarks toward Gary Zheng, LP&L CEO. Robertson said, "In the letter they misquoted me several times." He said the group suggest he attempted to get Zheng terminated upon the basis of race. The Mayor said he has bigger issues that need attention and he is moving on from the letter.

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