A man is in police custody after reportedly setting his own mother on fire, then taking a teacher hostage at a nearby school and attempting to sexually assault her.

32-year-old George James Bradley is charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, and aggravated sexual assault, after he reportedly poured a flammable liquid over 69-year-old Bertha Bradley, and set her on fire at her residence at the Stone Hollow Apartments at 1510 East Cornell.

Bertha Bradley ran to a neighbor’s apartment where they put out the fire, and was then taken to UMC with life-threatening third-degree burns.

George Bradley fled the scene on foot and took four people hostage at nearby Rise Academy by knifepoint. According to authorities, Bradley was attempting to sexually assault a female employee. Rise Academy superintendent Rick Baumgartner broke down the office door where the teacher was being held and distracted Bradley, allowing the teacher to get away.

The teacher was unharmed, and Baumgartner received a minor scratch during the altercation.

Bertha Bradley died at University Medical Center.

Baumgartner discussed the incident on Monday’s edition of Pratt on Texas.