I remember long ago the Super Bowl halftime shows used to be really cool. As a matter of fact, I payed more attention to the halftime show that the big game as a kid. (and the commercials, of course) But after Janet Jackson's infamous "wardrobe malfunction," the halftime show has, quite honestly, sucked. And this year seems to be no different.

The NFL announced this Sunday that Madonna will perform at the year's Super Bowl halftime show. The singer will be collaborating with performers from Cirque De Soleil. The show is sponsored by Bridgestone America, and will air on February 5th on NBC.

...really? What self-respecting, red-blooded football fan listens to Madonna? And having those Cirque De Soleil guys act as your backup does not help matters. It makes me wonder, just how out-of-touch on what's popular are these guys that they would think Madonna would be a good choice for a Super Bowl halftime show? It's football! Get some cool rock bands out there to perform, or maybe a popular country singer like Blake Sheldon or Toby Keith!

So, to sum it up, the Super Bowl halftime show's gonna suck. Again. Oh well, maybe we'll have some good Super Bowl commercials instead...