Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson took to Facebook Monday morning to make the public area of political threats he has received. The Mayor claims that political threats started coming in when he was dealing with LP&L, but now he says he has upset another group. The Mayor claimed on Facebook that he received calls over the weekend due to his stance on LEDA's budget. The Mayor also claimed that a board member of LEDA emailed him. The Mayor posted this on Facebook today:

I seem to have upset a new group of people in Lubbock. Last month I was receiving calls from individuals who informed me I should " back away" from the LP&L issues or it could hurt my upcoming reelection efforts. Since last weeks meeting, I have received several calls regarding LEDA and Market Lubbock. I proposed a .5 cent cut to the funding for Market Lubbock in the budget. This would cut their proposed funding by $612,000.00, but would still give them a net increase over last years overall funding. I received one email from a board member during the discussions and the phone rang all weekend. One of the callers said "Mayor, I know you still have $85,000.00 in debt from your last campaign and that you already have at least one person ready to run against you. If you don't completely walk away from the LEDA budget, I promise you that you will not be able to raise one ---------- dollar and we will underwrite anyone willing to run against you." I am tired of receiving empty threats from empty suits and I will not stop trying to protect our citizens from special interest groups with self serving interest.

The Lubbock City Council will meet this Thursday and at 6:15pm will hold the first of 2 public hearings on the budget and proposed tax increase.