Friday on Lubbock's First News, Mayor Glen Robertson spoke about top issues covered at the City Council meeting on Thursday evening.

Robertson discussed why the movement of the library to a building for lease is more efficient than the purchase of a permanent location. He explained that the current lease rate agreed upon for the first two years is $6/square foot, then $9/square foot for the next three years, followed by an option to buy. The Mayor also discussed Sam Medina's legal case. He feels it was for the best that the case has been handed off to those outside of the city of Lubbock. Regarding progress on other issues within the city, Robertson said, "I'm very optimistic about how folks are finally coming together between LP&L and the rest of the city and the board and the council." For more information and details on these issues and others central to the city, listen to the interview below.

Listen to the full interview:

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