LEDA, the Lubbock Economic Development Alliance, earlier today announced the creation of 160 new jobs in Lubbock, spread out over five different companies. The average salary for the new jobs is over $40,000 and LEDA will pay out over $660,000 in incentives to the companies over a five year period.

During this afternoon's announcement, Kenny McKay, Business Retention Director for LEDA, discussed the fulfilling of one of LEDA's goals, "One of the main things our board tries to get us to do; help companies create jobs that will keep our local (college) graduates in Lubbock. And with these companies and these jobs that's exactly what we're doing."

The companies adding jobs are: Scott Manufacturing, they will hire 55 new welders and pipe-fitters with new salaries totaling $2.2 million and will receive $220,000 in incentives; Infection Controls Inc. will add 38 new positions with salaries totaling $1.8 million and will receive $185,000 for capital investment; Caprock Health Plans will add 34 new jobs with salaries totaling $1.48 million and will receive $145,000 in incentives; ARMtech will add 24 new jobs totaling $840,000 in salaries and will receive $84,000 in LEDA incentives and Electracom will add 9 new positions totaling $296,000 in salary, build a new 6,000 square foot facility and will receive $27,000 in incentives.

Lubbock Mayor Tom Martin said the addition of these new jobs shows the strength of Lubbock's economy, "I get asked around the country, and around the state, how come Lubbock has weathered the national economic downturn somewhat better than most other places?  The reason is because we're diversified. Our economy doesn't rely on just one thing. We have such a diversity in our local economy and we also have very strong small businesses that are growing and expanding."

LEDA also cited the City of Lubbock’s pro-business policies as the catalyst for job growth within the region.