Thursday night, at the Bayer Museum of Agriculture, the Lubbock County Republican Party honored Texas Tech University System Chancellor Robert Duncan (pictured) for his service in the Texas Legislature.  Duncan served in both the Texas House and Senate before becoming the chancellor earlier this month.

During the event, Duncan's service in the legislature was praised by Lubbock's current state representatives John Frullo (R) and Charles Perry (R).

Rep. Perry spoke of Duncan's humility and leadership in the Texas Senate.  He also praised Duncan for his gracious treatment of his fellow legislators, whether they were a freshman member in the house or a 20-year member of the senate.

Rep. Frullo praised Duncan for his ability to solve the legislature's tough problems, including his work on pension reform during last year's session.

Frullo also told a story of Duncan's quick wit. Duncan was speaking with a fellow legislator concerning an issue with a state regulatory board a few years ago.  Duncan was advocating rules should be in place that the chairman of this particular board should have experience in the field the board regulates. The legislator took the opposite side of the issue and stated that a good manager can manage any company, " General Motors".  Frullo continued the story, saying that without missing a beat, Duncan responded, "I'm glad you think so highly of Texas Tech graduates".  The unnamed legislator was confused at the remark and had to be told that Texas Tech graduate Ed Whitacre was the CEO of General Motors.

During the dinner, two letters were read from prominent Republicans praising Duncan for his service to the legislature, and the State of Texas. They were from President George W. Bush and Karl Rove.

Chancellor Duncan briefly spoke at the dinner honoring him.  He thanked Carl Tepper and the Lubbock County Republican Party for putting on the event. He also thanked those that helped him during his decades of service in the legislature.  Finally, Duncan said he's excited to be leading the Texas Tech University System.

Morris Wilkes, who helped emcee the dinner, spoke about Duncan's love of Texas Tech University and his numerous Top 10 rankings as a "Best Legislator" from Texas Monthly.