On Friday's edition of Lubbock's First News Carol Hise, director of autism services at Lubbock Cooper ISD, talked with Tom Collins and Laura Mac about how autism affects children in school.

Hise said that Cooper ISD offers a large number of services to help accommodate students with autism, such as counseling and social skill training. They also work with teachers try to provide the least distracting environment to help students with autism focus better in class. Hise said that autism can have a variety of different effects on a child, and that it's important to really get to know the child to see how they can best help them.

Karen Book, a parent of a child who is in the autism program, also joined Hise to discuss her experience with Cooper ISD. Book said that the parents of children with autism have to be their child's best advocate, and that they need to not be afraid of an autism diagnosis. She said that her son, Josh, has benefited tremendously from the program.