Here are just a few things in Chad’s Pile that you will hear on Lubbock’s First News this morning. Give Chad your feedback on the steaming topics.

1. LFN Roadshow at Reese Golf

Come out and join LFN this morning at Reese Golf. We will be joined by Mayor Tom Martin and we will be discussing the latest out of city hall and the latest with water in Lubbock. We will also have a 3rd mic set up so you can come out and sound off on the issues. Of course we will also have a lot of fun out at Reese. Come on out and say hello and have some breakfast. You can also see Rex get flustered around the girls of Reese Park.

2. White babies no longer the majority (link)

Interesting news from census figures that show that white babies are no longer the majority in the United States. However, I think the most interesting news is what the census says about African American families. According to the results:

Among African-Americans, U.S. households headed by women - mostly single mothers but also adult women living with siblings or elderly parents - represented roughly 30 percent of all African-American households, compared with the 28 percent share of married-couple African-American households. It was the first time the number of female-headed households surpassed those of married couples among any race group, according to census records reviewed by Frey dating back to 1950.

3. Sanctuary City news (link)

Well this is pretty interesting news from the Texas Tribune. A memo from ICE has apparently told agents to use discretion when it comes to deporting people.  According to the Tribune:

This “discretion” includes taking into consideration the person’s education in this country and whether they have graduated high school and have attended college. ICE officials are also directed to consider whether the illegal immigrant is the child or spouse of a U.S. citizen, if a person’s immediate relative has served in the military, if they are a primary caretaker of someone who is ill, and the current conditions in the person’s home country, or the circumstances upon their arrival here, specifically if they came as a young child. An illegal immigrant’s criminal history and whether they pose a risk to the country’s national security will also be considered, as will any history of prior removal. Victims or witnesses of crimes may also be given the consideration.

So, should agents use discretion or should deportation be a black and white issue?

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