At their meeting this week, the Lubbock City Council approved a resolution authorizing funds for design services regarding the expansion of an important well field.

The Council unanimously approved design services with Parkhill, Smith, & Cooper to design the expansion of the Bailey County Well Field, which provided 41 percent of the City’s total water usage for April 2012.

This expansion would allow the wells to be cycled for recovery periods, rather than the constant use which they are currently experiencing.

The project includes designs and bids, as well as modeling and design of the power distribution system, design of the wells and pumps, design of the water distribution system, and design of the roadway system.

This professional engineering contract may cost up to $859,753, out of more than $13.5 million appropriated in this particular capital improvement project.

Also approved by the Council Thursday morning is a resolution for new park playground structures for four Lubbock parks.

The Evos play structures, swing structures, safety surfacing, site preparation, and demolition of the existing structures will cost $518,855.

The parks receiving the new equipment are Kastman Park at 70th Street and Nashville Drive, Miller Park at 77th Drive and Memphis Drive, Ratliff Park at 49th Street and Chicago Avenue, and Stubbs Park at East 36th Street and Cedar Avenue.

The Council approved the contract 6-0, District 3 Councilman Todd Klein recusing.

Lastly, the Council unanimously approved the purchase of new pickup trucks for different departments within the City.

The contract resolution item originally recommended purchasing the vehicles from Sam Pack’s Five Star Ford of Carrollton, Texas, but outgoing District 6 Councilman Jim Gilbreath moved that four of the six vehicle purchases be made from Scoggin Dickey, a local dealership, since their bids on those items is within 5 percent of Sam Pack’s, allowing the council to choose the local option if they wish.

Scoggin Dickey’s bid was not within five percent on two items, requiring the Council to choose the out-of-town dealership for those particular purchases.

The four purchases from Scoggin Dickey will total $103,739, and the purchases from Sam Pack Five Star Ford will total $67,101.