Spring-breakers in the Lone Star State are paying slightly less at the pumps compared to last week and even less when compared to national gasoline averages, according to AAA Texas.

Texans are paying an average of $2.23 for a gallon of unleaded gasoline this week. That is two cents less than last week and $1.10 less than last year. The national average sits slightly higher at $2.42.

Of the cities cataloged by AAA, Amarillo drivers paid the least at an average of $2.17 and Dallas area drivers the most at $2.42.

AAA’s report indicated gas prices may continue to drop due to a high supply of crude oil, a strong U.S. dollar and the possibility of oil supplies rising higher.

Prices on March 19 were as low as $2.14, according to Gasbuddy.com, at an average of $2.21 in the Hub City.