On the Wednesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, LISD School Board candidate Brett Underwood spoke with Chad Hasty about his campaign for the at large position.

Underwood said that, in comparison to the city council races, the school board elections tend to get glossed over. However, he argued that schools are a vital part of all neighborhoods and all districts, and that the school board elections affect everyone.

"Public education affects this city at large, and that's what I really want everybody to understand. This election's glossed over, and you go walk blocks and people don't understand what you're running for or anything about LISD. And it has a macro effect...no matter if your kids are in public, private, you don't have kids, it affects this city because if you don't target and you don't keep these kids in school, and they don't get out of poverty, you're going to be paying for them on the back end."

One issue Underwood said he would like to focus on is the dropout rate. He said that two factors that can help lower the dropout rate are parental involvement and a more engaging curriculum. Underwood also said that he would like to focus on maintaining the schools already in the district as opposed to consolidating them to save money, saying that district spending is "top heavy" and, from his perspective, cuts can be made at the administrative level to save money.

When asked about bond elections, Underwood said that while they always seem to be on the horizon, he feels LISD does not need another bond election at this time. He was also opposed to campus carry, saying that the current CHL program was not good enough for teachers to be allowed to carry on campus, and said that he would prefer to see a "Marshall" system be put in place instead.

For more information on Brett Underwood and his campaign for LISD School Board, visit his website at elect-underwood.com. Early voting for the local elections starts on Monday, April 28th, and election day is May 10th.

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