The Libertarian Party of Texas saw greater numbers of voters last night. 1,139,564 votes were cast for Gary Johnson in the Presidential Election, which saw President Barack Obama earn another term in the White House.

Statewide, Libertarians enjoyed five candidates garnering over 1 million votes. Previously, one Libertarian Party candidate earned 1 million votes in Texas.

Jaime O. Perez, Railroad Commissioner- 1,122,792

RS Roberto Koelsch, Texas Supreme Court- 1,280,886

Tom Oxford, Texas Supreme Court- 1,030,735

Mark W. Bennett, Court of Criminal Appeals- 1,326,526

William Bryan Strange- Court of Criminal Appeals- 1,313,746

Regionally, Libertarian Sheriff Candidate David Kinney earned 42% in Hockley County while in Lubbock Libertarians saw sparse support with only 406 voters going straight party Libertarian. In U.S. House District 19, Libertarian Chip Peterson earned 14% against incumbent Republican Randy Neugebauer.