I love using social media and we have a ton of listeners that enjoy engaging in discussion during and after the show on Twitter. Many times, people are using Twitter to send in short responses instead of calling in. Every week I will decide who had the best Tweet. It’s all about bragging rights and if you win, you will be able to tweet it to the whole world… or at least your followers.

Congrats to @jamesmoss for having this week’s Tweet of the Week. I was discussing undecided voters when I said that there was no excuse for anyone to still be undecided and how could anyone be undecided still. James replied with a decision he had to make... about cigars.






Keep those tweets coming! We are getting more and more every week. Remember to follow me on Twitter and you could have the Tweet of the Week. Follow KFYO on Twitter to get programing notes, news, and updates as well.