On the Friday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Ken Windling from Cash For Gold Jewelers talked with Chad Hasty about the latest going on with gold and silver investing.

Gold and silver investing in Texas has been affected recently with the passage of House Bill 78, which effectively removes sales and use taxes off of certain precious metals, including gold and silver. Windling said this is especially good news for small investors and for those who have been interested in investing in precious metals, but felt as though they didn't have the money to do so.

He added that with everything going on in the U.S economy, including the implementation of Obamacare, rising taxes and the U.S. dollar growing weaker, people are starting to look to precious metals as a more stable "rainy day" fund. He explained that gold and silver are a worldwide market and are not as strongly affect by speculations and price fluctuations as other investments.

"Having a little bit of precious metals, the great thing about it is it's a worldwide market. U.S. dollars can be traded in other countries, but you have other currencies from other countries involved. But gold and silver is gold and silver. And whatever the gold price is that is set by London or the Asian markets, once the market has been set, that's the price for that day. And so typically, you have a little bit of stability that you wouldn't have."

Cash for Gold Jewelers is located in Lubbock at 4011 34th Street. For more information, visit their website at cashforgoldjewelers.com.

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