Today featured an article over a new book for parents entitled "Cinderella Ate My Daughter." In the book, Author Peggy Orenstein writes about how the "princess" culture is taking little girls by storm, and in the process, giving them unrealistic expectations of life.  

It highlights the Disney Princesses and the heavy marketing surrounding them as one of the leading causes of corruption in young girls. You can read the actual article here.

This isn't the first time I've heard of mothers boycotting the Disney Princesses. Social networks like Facebook have groups you can join to help "spread the word" about their negative influence on today's youth. It's obvious, however, that Orenstein has picked up the torch in the movement, and is out for princess blood.

I think blaming Disney's marketing practices for your child's unrealistic belief that a perfect man is going to whisk her away is just as ridiculous as blaming McDonald's because she's overweight. Your parenting practices have much more impact on your child's behavior than a marketing scheme does. If the princess persona is affecting her so perversely, it's probably because there's an empty space that you've failed to fill.

If I see a parent with a little girl who wants to grow up and be treated like royalty, I don't think "Oh my, she's a victim of today's unrealistic society!" I immediately question quality of the parental guidance she's receiving at home. You can blame culture all you want, , but if you want her to mature into a capable, well balanced woman, teaching her the difference between reality and fiction will get you much further than boycotting  gaudy dress-up jewelry.