I'm glad the City of Lubbock voted to tow cars that don't have insurance. Yes, it's up to the police officer to decide when to tow a car, but personally I hope they tow most of the time.

My fiancee was involved in an accident a few weeks back with a driver who ran a red light. That was a few weeks ago and luckily everyone was alright and the other driver had insurance. Even with insurance it's been a pain to get the check cut so she can go and buy a new car. It's caused a lot of stress and headaches and that's dealing WITH insurance. I can't imagine how bad it would be if the other driver wouldn't have had insurance.

One of the local stations in town spoke with LPD about the costs of fees and fines for a driver caught without insurance. The citation could cost you around $400 bucks. Then you have the towing fee which is $100.98 to get your car out of the lot. How they got the .98 cent figure is beyond me, but let's move on. Each day you wait to get your car out of the lot, it's an extra ten bucks plus tax.

You can however get insurance for around $450 for six months of coverage. Maybe less or more depending on who you go with.

Needless to say, it's cheaper for everyone involved for you to get insurance. If you can't afford it, stay out of your car and off the road. I don't care about your life story or why you can't afford insurance. When you are on the road, you affect other people so it's not just about you and your story.

Here are some other ways to get around Lubbock if you can't or shouldn't drive:





See, you have many options.