Interstate 27 has been closed between Lubbock and Abernathy.

The interstate is blocked between exits 13 and 17. Visibility is extremely low.

A multiple car pileup on the I-27 corridor between the two cities has resulted in at least one fatality. At least 16 are injured in the pileup.

Rescue workers are having difficulty getting to the people involved in the wreck due to the low visibility. AeroCare is unable to reach those involved due to the high wind.

Lubbock Power and Light is also experiencing numerous power outages due to damage from the wind.

LP&L provides an updated list of outages at

A number of flights have also been delayed at the Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport. Flight schedules are available here.

Motorists are urged to stay off the roads until visibility improves. If you must be driving, turn on your headlights and slow down.

More on today's weather warnings is available here.