Wearable electronics are quickly becoming the latest trend in the technology world, and it looks like Google is leading the way with its latest project.

Google reportedly is developing a pair of heads-up display (HUD) glasses. The glasses, which resemble a pair of Oakley sunglasses, will be able to monitor the user's surroundings and provide them with information about their location in real-time. Not surprisingly, the glasses will run off of the Google Android mobile platform. According to people "familiar with the project," the glasses are due to be released sometime this year, and the estimated cost ranges from $250 to $600, about the same price as a smartphone.

It looks to be a really cool product, and no doubt it'll sell like crazy if it's marketed properly. I am a little worried, however, that Google doesn't have a "business plan," to sell the glasses. Google usually relies on word-of-mouth to promote its software, like Google+, for example. But that tactic might not work out too well for hardware, particularly one with such a potentially high price tag.

Hopefully, Google will get a plan together before the glasses release, because I would hate to see such a cool product fall by the wayside just because Google didn't know how to sell it.