Glenn Beck has brought his controversial show to Fox viewers for the past two years. So why is the winner of the Network Syndicated Personality of the Year Award leaving his 5 pm slot? Basically, people just don't watch him anymore.

Over the past year, the Glenn Beck Show has lost over a million viewers. Advertisers have all but completely pulled their sponsorship from his program. It's not hard to guess why. Beck's show content has become so off-the-wall and outlandish that even his most conservative viewers are left wondering why they even watched him in the first place. For instance, during one show Beck warned viewers to avoid using the popular search engine Google because of his belief that the website was sinisterly involved with the depths of our government.

It seems that Beck has fallen into a vicious cycle. His outrageous and unconventional style and content brought viewers flocking to his program. However in order to continue this trend, he had to continually invent more intricate theories. This can only go on for so long before things become absurd. Jeffrey Jones, a professor of media and politics at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va. says Beck's sideshow content has frankly lost it's freshness. “He wears viking helmets, he pours gasoline on things. It wouldn’t surprise me that what was once a fresh voice has now become a routine, that audiences might be saying, ‘Well, I’ve seen that before.’ ”

Beck isn't completely out though. He will still work on production for the network and online content.