How many iPhone apps are out there? I would estimate at least a million different apps, ranging from the most mundane notepad app to full-blown video games, photo editors,  and streaming video apps. And with new apps coming out all the time, there's always a new favorite app for me to discover. Here's a few of my own favorite apps from my iPhone.


Evernote serves as a sort of bridge between your phone and your computer. If you type a document in Evernote on your phone, you can pull up that same document on your computer without ever having to hook up your phone. Or if you find an online article that you like, you can "clip" it out, save it to Evernote and pull it back up on your phone on demand. Personally, I don't know how I would stay on top of things without this essential app.


I'm on Facebook all the time, even if it doesn't look that way from my page. I don't post to Facebook very often, but I love seeing what all of my friends are up to. And the mobile version of Facebook works just as well, if not a little more conveniently. If you so desire, you can enable the location services to check in to places automatically. And with the mobile app, you can instantly upload your phone pics to Facebook in a flash, no pun intended. Though I'm not too big a fan of all the ads you get on the mobile version, it's nice to have Facebook on the go.


I've loved getting YouTube on my phone ever since it was originally included on the iPhone 3GS. but when Google yanked its built-in apps from Apple, it didn't take me long to download it again free from Google. The YouTube app is absolutely superb, and even on a much smaller screen, the HD videos still look as brilliant and impressive as ever. I can easily waste several hours watching funny videos and video game reviews on my phone. (so long as my battery holds out, anyway...)

Draw Something Free

Remember "Words With Friends?" This is 2012's answer to that super addictive game. But instead of swapping words with your friends, you're swapping pictures. All you do is draw a picture on the touch screen and have your friend guess what it is. About the only gripe I have with this game is on the operator end. Some people take forever to respond...

Find my iPhone

This is about the only app that I will turn my location services on for. True to its name, Find my iPhone will help locate your iPhone in the even that your phone is lost or stolen. And as an added security measure, Find my iPhone give you the ability to lock down or even wipe out all data from your iPhone remotely, in case it ends up in the hands of some...less than desirable folks.