As many of my readers are aware, I’m pretty big on Apple products. iPods, iPhones, MacBooks, I’ve become a big fan of most iDevices in recent years. But I realize that not everyone is as keen on Apple as I am. And if you look past all the iDevices that are flooding the marketplace, there are plenty of companies releasing devices that are not as well-known, but can definitely go toe-to-toe with Apple’s gadgets.

Take Samsung, for example. Before I got my first iPhone I had a Samsung cell phone that served my needs like a champ. And now, Samsung looks posed and ready to make a big splash in the smartphone world with its brand-new Galaxy S3 smartphone. So what makes the Galaxy S3 so cool? Here’s a couple of things I like about it.


I thought my iPhone 5 was pretty slim when I first got it, but compared to the Galaxy S3, it's practically obese. This phone is sleek and slim, REALLY slim and feels so lightweight that it almost feels like plastic. However, the most striking feature of the Galaxy S3 has to be its big, beautiful screen. The phone boasts a "massive" 4.8-inch AMOLED display, with amazing high-resolution display that (sort of) fits in your hand.


Apple may have set the standard for smartphones, but the Galaxy S3 is an experience all its own. The phone runs on Google's latest Android operating system, codenamed "Ice Cream Sandwich." It's also got some great speed on it and well as extra-long battery life. One of the neat things about the interface of the Galaxy S3 is how it implements motion gestures to operate your phone. For example, if you want to make a call, you simply raise the phone up to your ear. The phone can even tell if someone is looking at it, using the front-facing camera, and shut itself off when no one's watching it; no need to lock it manually.


For such a skinny little phone, the Galaxy S3 is jam-packed with all sorts of cool features. One of my favorite features on this phone is the S-Beam. This feature allows to to transfer information between two Galaxy S3s simply by placing them back-to-back. Another cool way to share all your media is the AllShare Play feature, which instantly send pics and videos to your tablet/computer/TV. Another feature worthy of noting i S-Voice, Samsung's answer to Apple's Siri. Granted, it doesn't have the same snarky personality as Siri, but it does gets the job done.