As much as I love technology, I’ve always had one major gripe about it: it gets obsolete. Fast. It seems that as soon as you buy the hottest new electronic device, the next big thing comes out just several months later, leaving you with an outdated, no longer awesome device. Now, most people are fine with holding on to their old devices, and as long as it’s still in good working condition, use it to your heart’s content. But for those of us looking to unload our old devices, there’s plenty of places you can go that will pay a decent price for your electronics.

For the purposes of this article, I decided to look up the prices for a 8GB iPhone 3GS in Good condition.
iPhone Offer: Up to $85

Amazon, the biggest online retailer in the world, also has a pretty nice buyback system. All you do is locate the item you wish to trade-in and describe its condition, and they will give you a pretty generous offer. And it’s not just limited to electronics, either. You can also trade-in your old books, movies and video games as well, making this a great way to get rid of those old college textbooks you’ll never use again. The downside, however, is that you cannot receive cash for them, only an Amazon gift card. But, since Amazon has pretty much any item you could ever hope to find, I’m sure you can find something to use that gift card on.

Best Buy
iPhone Offer: $55

Not to be outdone, Best Buy has their own trade-in program that looks suspiciously similar to Amazon’s. Like Amazon, you select your device and the condition it’s in, and then you’ll receive a gift card for the estimated amount. Unlike Amazon, however, you’re not limited to just trading it over the Internet. You can go to any Best Buy location and trade in your device there. However, you are limited to only trading in electronics.

iPhone Offer: $50

One of the things that makes Nextworth unique is their commitment to being “green.” They recycle all the old electronics they receive and keep them out of the landfills. Nextworth is also affiliated with Target, so you can take your device there and receive a Target gift card. But the best part is that you can actually choose how to receive your payment: either through PayPal, gift card, or a good old-fashioned check.

iPhone Offer: $45 store credit/$35 cash

Gamestop is one of the more recent places that started trading in iDevices, like the iPhone and iPad, and you can choose to either receive cash or store credit. However, there are a couple of stipulations. First of all, you cannot trade your item over the Internet like the other sites. You must go to a Gamestop store to trade it in. Also, the cash value for your items is significantly less than store credit. So, unless you’re intending on trading your gadget strictly for games, I’d look elsewhere to trade in your old gadgets.