Although most of my gaming allegiance lies with the major consoles like Nintendo and Sony, I also dabble in mobile gaming with my iPhone. I've played plenty of mobile games, for the well-known to the ones you've probably never heard of. But with so many different genres, developers and just the sheer number of games out there, it's pretty difficult to make a definite list of best iPhone games. However, I'll give it a shot. If you have yet to really enjoy mobile gaming, here's a couple of my personal favorites to get you started.

Bejeweled/Bejeweled Blitz

This was one of the first games I downloaded for my iPhone, and it continues to be a staple I keep coming back to. In the Blitz version of the classic puzzle game, you have only one minute to match/destroy as many gems as possible. Your scores are then posted online and compared to your friends on Facebook. Regardless of which version you pick, Bejeweled's deceptively simple "match-3" gameplay will keep you aiming for the high score long after you've bought it.


Forget Words With Friends, this is the new word game for the iPhone. Like Words With Friends, you work with your opponent to create words, but at the same time, you fight each other to claim letter titles as your own. It's a bit difficult to explain, but a blast to play. It just came out last year, so give it a try and get your old Words With Friends friends on board with this one.

Angry Birds

I'll admit that the merchandising and hype over this game has gotten to an annoying level. But love it or hate it, Angry Birds is still a solid and addictive puzzle. And I applaud developer Rovio for continuously keeping the game fresh, with new levels and new powers/birds being introduced with every update. It's a great, sometimes frustratingly fun, game, though you won't see me rocking an Angry Birds T-shirt anytime soon.

Plants vs. Zombies

In this interesting take on the standard tower defense game, you're tasked with protecting your home from hordes of the undead by unleashing an army of pellet-shooting petunias, posies and other such plants. Sure, it sounds silly (don't most iPhone games?), but the gameplay is solid and addictive, and the charming, colorful characters make it a joy to play.

Fruit Ninja

The concept is simple: use the touch screen to slice up the fruit that flies across the screen. But as many games on this list has shown, simple works well for mobile games, and this quirky little game has now become a major hit. In fact, this game is so popular now, you can see jumbo-sized versions of the game in many arcades today.


This game is a more recent discovery of mine, but I've already found 10000000 (ten million) to be more addictive than anything I've played thus far. This little gem is part old-school role-playing game, part "match-3" puzzle game. You fight monsters, unlock chests, and gather materials to build your castle all by matching the corresponding tiles on the board. If you're a fan of the old 8-bit days of gaming, you might want to give this game a try.