Representative John Frullo congratulated Texas Tech today for hitting a significant milestone in the path to obtaining a tier-one status. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board released a report showing the university is now eligible to obtain some Tier One funds.

“This is an important achievement for Texas Tech," Frullo said. "I extend my congratulations to those whose hard work and dedication have been instrumental in meeting the requirements to begin benefiting from this fund. This is an exciting moment in Texas Tech history and a major step toward securing a prominent rank among the elite higher learning institutions of our nation.”

Distributions will now be available from the National Research University Fund. Frullo authored and passed House Bill 1000 last legislative session to help universities like Texas Tech qualify for NRUF funds. In order to receive money from NRUF, Texas Tech had to be designated as an emerging research university in the Coordinating Board's accountability system and maintain $45 million in restricted research expenditures in 2010 and 2011. They were also required to meet at least four of six statutory or Coordinating Board criteria.